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Why is sailing the cleanest sport?Date:2018-03-24
The news that tennis captain Sharapova was banned for two years was banned from the sports circle. Because of the "unintentional violation of anti-doping regulations," the behavior is still subject to heavy penalties, Sharapova said that it is difficult to accept and has been appealing. Sharapova’s fans did not expect their goddess to suffer such a “disaster” in their career.
Anti-doping has always been a topic that accompanies the development of competitive sports. The dedication to honour and victory has caused the doping issue to constantly challenge the fairness of sports. Some people use the “detected donkey car to catch up with the R&D rocket” to describe the status quo of anti-doping work in the world. Most sports that require explosive power such as track and field, swimming, boxing, and tennis seem to be unable to escape the struggle between stimulants and athletic competition.
But sailing is rare and clean. There have been no cases of positive reactions in the doping tests.
Why is sailing away from stimulants?
I think this is related to the fact that the sailing itself is detached from the core sports circle, and more because of the nature and cultural accumulation of the sport.

There are physical requirements, but it is not just sailing power. It mainly tests the athlete's brain and comprehensive resilience. The technical requirements of “listening to the wind and seeing the water” and “one man and one ship” are more conducive to the sailing athletes winning the competition than the muscles bursting the table. Their brains need calm judgments, but stimulants are instead "forbidden drugs" for sailing.
The stimulant problem can be regarded as a contest of science and technology in different countries from another level. It may be that the scientific and technological contest of sailing has been transferred to the innovation of equipment, and it is rare to be able to “retreat from the whole body” on stimulants.
Gentlemen's movement, lying is both a shame
Sailboats evolved from maritime transport. Despite the fact that they later had sports attributes, some maritime conventions remained in the culture of sailing, detailed rules, and many people's conventions.
Sailing yachts have the most complicated rules in the world, and different competitions also have their own sailing rules. The rules can be meticulous to prohibit bodily shaking and obtain speed, and trust can be relaxed to allow the existence of IRC non-signed certificates. The meaning of the IRC non-signed certificate is that the owner can declare the IRC coefficient of the boat by measuring the ship's index. It is necessary to know that the size of the IRC coefficient has a huge impact on the outcome of the competition. This huge degree of trust comes from the consciousness of the sailing culture. ".
Someone once asked me: If there is no wind in the cross-ocean competition, can you run the engine? This is a question that sounds very amateurish, but it is also very valuable. In the sailing competition, the engine is retired. Even if no one is supervised, no one will touch this golden rule.
It is not unreasonable to think of sailing as a gentleman's movement.

Proficient in rules and cheating, only in the first line
How many provisions there are, there are many ways you can cheat, never doubt human wisdom!
Sailing competitions have several times more cheats than tennis, weightlifting, swimming, etc., because the equipment is easier to find than people.

Take the smallest sail scale and use the largest sail to participate in the competition; remove the fixed facilities on board, such as furniture to reduce the weight of the ship; change the position of the outboard to readjust the weight distribution... these are all well-known Cheating methods, but no one is willing to trample and contaminate sailing. The dignity of seafarers is more important than glory. Of course, very few will touch the bottom line. I would like to understand it as their ignorance.
I have seen the words of a fan friend, quite touching. “By enduring 40 degrees of heat during the day, at night the temperature dropped and shivered coldly. It wasn’t for cheating in a game. It wasn’t for cheating. The results could be very bad and it wasn’t a big deal. The next time we’re fighting, but we’re going to have an “anti-drug” race. It was a lifetime crucified on the column of shame."
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