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  • 03-292018
    Yang Fan sails
    blue sea, blue sky,Riding the wind and waves,The heart moves with the sailIndulge in storms,One time you and your family partner temporarily put pressure on life.A great opportunity to return to a simple green ecology!join us,Huayang Yacht Sailing Tra…
  • 03-242018
    Navigation safety knowledge
    The main considerations in the navigation process are as follows:a. Avoid heating the engine for a long time. Once the engine runs smoothly, you can drive normally.b. Always adjust the engine and observe the scheduled maintenance time. Professionals w…
  • 03-242018
    In the future, driving yachts can also reach Hong Kong and Macao!
    Can you imagine that you can go to Hong Kong and Macao by taking a high-speed rail or a yacht? Saying that in the future, from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, it will no longer take a few hours or a variety of reversals. It takes only 51 minutes to reach Hon…
  • 03-242018
    Why is sailing the cleanest sport?
    The news that tennis captain Sharapova was banned for two years was banned from the sports circle. Because of the "unintentional violation of anti-doping regulations," the behavior is still subject to heavy penalties, Sharapova said that it is difficu…
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