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Huayang Marine (Xiamen) Yacht Training Co., Ltd. was established on December 8, 2009. It is the first yacht training organization in China that has passed the qualification certification of the Maritime Safety Administration according to the “Crew Training Management Rules” of the Ministry of Transport. Yachting Driving School for First Class Yacht Driving License (A1E, A1F Certificate) Training. It opened in September 2010 and has conducted 63 training sessions and training more than 1,200 trainees.

The company is also the first training institution to introduce a yacht maneuvering simulation system in the country. It also has a set of terminal. The system is based on the actual operation of the yacht and can provide students with realistic practical training. The theoretical classroom is more than 160 square meters. It is equipped with various modern teaching equipment such as LCD projectors, central control systems, projection screens, audio equipment, etc. At the same time, Keean, first-aid, fire-fighting, and yacht equipments and chart displays are set up. There are docks that can be safely berthed by yachts. The area of training sea area is more than 70 square kilometers. There is enough water area and diversity of water bodies to train yacht sailing crews to have unique geographical and meteorological advantages.

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