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Yacht license (holding other crew certificates)

Registration fee
1) The training fee is 11,500 yuan per person--a captain, pilot or pilot who holds a certificate of competency for A, B, C, and C crew members (The Crew Capability certificate numbers are J, Y, B, respectively. D).
2) The training fee is 15,000 yuan per person for the whole person--one who holds other certificates of competency for seafarers (for example, it only applies to under 100 GT in Xiamen Bay and BBW less than 220 kW).
3) Other costs: Examination fee is RMB 900 per person, teaching material fee is RMB 100 per person
Registration qualification
1) 18 years old and under 60 years old
2) Vision, color vision, hearing, oral expression, physical health, etc. meet the requirements of navigation safety
Registration Materials:
1) Copy of the crew's certificate of competency
2) My ID card is copied on the same A4 sheet
3) The recent two-inch bareheaded white color photo 3 photos and provide electronic version of the photo (electronic version can let photo studio sent to and indicate the name, ID number and contact information)
4) Certificate of Physical Condition of Yacht Operators Sealed by the Third Class A Hospital (can be downloaded from or collected on site)
5) Fill in the "Application Form for Yacht Operator Competence Certificate" (download at or onsite)
Class size: 20 people
Course period: 8 days (working day, course lasts 2 weeks)
Course content:
Theory Chapter I Navigation Rules and Related Safety Management Regulations (2 hours)
Theory Chapter II Basic Knowledge of Yachting (6 hours)
Theory Chapter 3 Basic knowledge of yacht operation (10 hours)
Theory Chapter 4 Yacht Collision Avoidance Technology (4 hours)
Theory Chapter 5 Basic knowledge of yacht mechanical propulsion power plant (2 hours)
Theory Chapter 6 Basic Yacht Safety Knowledge and Water Survival Skills (2 hours)
Practical Operation Starting and Closing Yacht Driving with Mechanical Propulsion Power Plant (1 class hour)
Actual operation, departure from the terminal (6 hours)
Practical Operation Approaching Lines and Leaving Floats (2 hours)
Practical operation Anchoring operation (1 class hour)
Practical navigation (acceleration, change of direction, high-speed directional navigation) (2 hours)
Actual Operation Snake Air Travel Standard (5 bids) (2 hours)
Practical operation rescue personnel (2 hours)
Practical Operation Basic First Aid (2 hours)
Practice and use of lifesaving and fire fighting equipment (2 hours)
Practical exercises commonly used rope knot play (3 hours)
Remarks: A total of three codes for the application scope of the “Yacht Driver’s Licence” indicate the type of yacht, the level of the yacht, and the type of yacht propulsion power unit. Among them: The yacht category is divided into sea and river (represented by A and B, respectively); yachts are classified into first-class yachts of any length at sea or in navigable waters of any kind within the river and second-class yachts of 20 meters and below or enclosed waters of inland rivers. Yachts (represented by 1 and 2 respectively); yacht propulsion power plant types are divided into mechanical propulsion and mechanical sail hybrid (represented by E and F, respectively). Huayang Maritime (Xiamen) Yacht Training Co., Ltd. is the only “marine driving school” in Fujian province that can be trained as a first class yacht driver’s license (A1E, A1F certificate).
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